The emerging economies
through technology
We are highly focusing on diverse markets ranging from corporate business to small and medium enterprises


Years of experience in business

Empowering the emerging economies with  affordable and manageable ICT solutions

To safely deliver any project, in any environment on  time and within budget to benefit our customers and  the communities we serve.

Sustainable development in technology that empowers 
your business operations

About Us

A Glimpse into Our Company
Clalon Group (CG) is a private company established in July 2009. We are registered as a Building Contractor, Civil Works Contractor, Electrical Contractor, Specialist Electrical (deals with ICT, Telecommunication & Security) and Specialist Mechanical (deals with heat, ventilation and air condition).

A few things we're great at

Offering tailored solutions to meet your unique needs, we provide innovative and reliable services
to help your business thrive.
We develop existing networks to support changes in business volume and transactions.
The very first stage of construction is to create a concept, followed by a design and blueprints
Clalon Group are highly client focused, and can provide full professional New Build, Commercial and Industrial electrical installation services

Let’s Transform Together!

Don’t settle for the ordinary; elevate your operations with Clalon Group of Companies.

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